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Petitioning Councilmember Ward 6 Tommy Wells and 14 others

Stop redistricting of Ward 6 neighborhoods to Ward 7 in Washington DC

INTRO NOTE: Please -- this petition should ONLY be signed by people who are ADULT RESIDENTS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA in Washington, DC.  If you are not a Resident of DC, please do NOT sign this petition as doing so may hurt our cause.  We appreciate your support, but please don't sign it. Thanks.

This DC Redistricting Hands Off Ward 6! is aimed at stopping nascent efforts to redistrict parts of Ward 6 in Washington DC to Ward 7 in 2011.

If you are one of the 3,800 people living in the Rosedale neighborhood of ANC 6A or other neighborhoods in Ward 6 in Washington DC, including Hill East, there is a good chance you could be redistricted into Ward 7.  Being redistricted into Ward 7 will break historic, geographic, community and political alliances as well as entail the loss of  unrestricted vehicle parking rights in Capitol Hill where many Rosedale and Hill East residents shop, eat and work at Eastern Market, Barracks Row and the H St Corridor.

Residents of Rosedale and Hill East are deeply alarmed by the proposal. Over the last several years, Rosedale and Hill East have worked hard to come together as a community to tackle our problems and we have successfully obtained resources and attention from the city as a result of relationships we’ve developed with Ward 6.  The proposed redistricting of our community would be shattering to the residents and the collective efforts we have made.  We call on all concerned residents of Rosedale and neighboring communities to call on Council Member Tommy Wells as well as the members of the Subcommittee on Redistricting, council members Michael Brown, Jack Evans and Phil Mendelson, to not allow the redistricting process to further tear asunder ANC 6A once again as they did back in 2001. We urge the Council to not break the heart and soul of another ANC 6A community as they redraw the city wards.

This is not the first time an ANC 6A neighborhood has been redrawn into Ward 7 despite opposition from the affected community. Kingman Park, which is adjacent to Rosedale and which sits on the western shores of the Anacostia,  was redistricted into Ward 7 during the last redistricting process in 2001. This was done despite widespread opposition from Kingman Park residents, who pursued two unsuccessful lawsuits over violation of voting rights laws during the 2001 redistricting process (click here for additional information). Many Kingman Park residents, as well as their community leaders are actively campaigning to get Kingman Park redistricted back to Ward 6 because they feel their voices and concerns are largely lost and ignored by Ward 7.  Furthermore, they feel their historical and geographic roots are in Ward 6 and not with the rest of the geographically distant Ward 7 which sits across the river from Kingman Park.

Letter to
Councilmember Ward 6 Tommy Wells
ANC 6A Commissioner Adam Healy
ANC 6A Commissioner Nicholas Alberti
and 12 others
ANC 6A Chair David Holmes
Council Chair Kwame R. Brown
Councilmember At-Large David Catania
Councilmember Ward 7 Yvette Alexander
Councilmember At-Large Phil Mendelson
ANC 6A Commissioner Gladys Mack
ANC 6A Commissioner Andrew Hysell
ANC 6A Commissioner Sharee Lawler
Councilmember At-Large Michael Brown
Councilmember Ward 2 Jack Evans
ANC 6A Commissioner Lia Veenendaal-Selck
ANC 6A Commissioner Drew Ronneberg
I am urging you to take action to not redraw Ward 7 to include the Rosedale community or Hill East or any part of ANC 6 into Ward 7. I am absolutely against redistricting parts of Rosedale or Hill East into Ward 7. It is important all members of the council understand that redistricting is more than simply redrawing lines on a map as it dramatically changes the bonds and relationships of neighbors with their community. There has got to be a better way to redistrict without tearing apart well-established and geographically contiguous communities with deep roots in Ward 6.

Redistricting Rosedale and Hill East into Ward 7 would not simply shatter historical, geographic, community and political alliances that communities rely on to address problems and obtain city resources, but it would also have practical effects such as the loss of unrestricted parking rights in Capitol Hill where many Rosedale and Hill East and other residents shop, eat and work at Eastern Market, Barracks Row and the H St Corridor.

I urge you to not further tear asunder ANC 6 once again as the DC Council did back in 2001. I urge the Council to not break the heart and soul of another ANC community as you redraw the city wards. Building One City should not come at the expense of shattering well-funtioning neighborhoods such as Rosedale or other well-established Ward 6 communities.

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