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Question to Advertising Standards Council of India:

Every Fairness Product Advertisement goes against the ASCI’s codes

 1.They are dishonest: They sell products that do not work.  These products do not change the color of anybody’s skin.  Worse, they sell a wrong notion that a color of skin is superior than another, thus promoting RACISM!

2.These advertisements are Extremely Offensive to 90% of the population of India who are dark skinned!  It offends the entire Nation.

3.These products are extremely harmful, the ingredients are dubious and can contribute to chronic diseases.  

So, why is the ASCI allowing such Advertisements.  As a segment the entire industry should be barred from Advertising on public media, because it is unethical in every way!

"Indian Media" is the most openly racist place on earth; that is causing India to become the largest nation with low self esteem! How are we supposed to be a big player on the world scene, when the citizens of this nation dont even feel confident about themselves, dont accept themselves, dont believe in themselves?

It is a shame that we do not have laws that prohibit such advertising!  At every level of media, there is naked and blatant display of preference for lighter colored skin.

Riding on this naked discriminatory culture, opportunistic cosmetic companies such as Unilever and Emami are blatantly selling products that claim to make the skin white. Adding Injury to insult, the products they peddle contain spurious chemicals that are banned in many countries for the harm they cause the body!  

Advertising for these products are the crudest ever......... insinuating that if you dont have a fair colored skin, you dont deserve success, position, etc., These advertisers are reinforcing and propogating these racist values...... driving us further into the shit-hole!!  Can we change this?


They perpetrate racist and discriminatory values in society!  We should be working instead towards eliminating these backward values from our society!

Could the Advertising Standards Council take a principled stand and disallow its members from making and airing such tasteless advertisements?

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