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Make farming Rabbits in Cages illegal


In Germany there is no legal position order for mast's rabbit. This sounds not only inconceivable, this also is in such a way. In Germany every Mäster can mend so many rabbits in a cage as he would want – and he also does this, up to 16 growing rabbits per square metre are the rule. With it the rabbits have just so much place like on a German Institute for Standardization A sheet.

The protection of animals alliance „Rabbit mast, no thanks“ demands a legal position order, without cage, for it with open land position. Support our plan and sign on the Petition. Share the petition with  friends  If you know actively, inform neighbours, teachers, schoolboys, consumers and everybody whom you, about the awful existence of the rabbits and above all buy you no rabbit meat -try   tasty alternatives from the extensive vegetarian / veganen assortment.

please support.


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