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Stop keeping pet stores in business that still sell puppies

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This is important for all Animal Lovers because its cruel and down right ridiculous. Would you like to be kept locked in a cage outside only made to reproduce until you died. These dogs are locked in cages up to hundreds at a time to where they cant move. They are never fed. They are made to urinate and poop on themselves its the same theory of the triangular slave trade. These animals die everyday in their own feces, and the owners neglect and abuse. Not to mention this is all for the owners profit. They are made to drink dirty water, their cages are never cleaned and they are ridden with every disease known to man. Is it fair that they clean these animals up and sell them to us all sickly and at the point of death for their own benefit. I think not and I despise people that abuse animals. Not only are you abusing that dog, but you're doing it for your own measly profit? People like this need to be put in cages together and made to poop and piss on themselves. I hate things like this, but because I am only one person I cant save every animal. With the help of Animal Lovers around America lets get our voices heard and stop this madness. Support the movement. Report a puppy mill if you see one. Stop buying animals online, and stop keeping pet stores in business that still sell puppies. Dont buy their products or puppies. If my words didnt move you hopefully these videos will.
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