Stop from operating-A website where users can rate their experiences with prostitutes, who appear to be under-aged girls, trafficking victims & victims of rape #shutdownpunternet

Stop from operating-A website where users can rate their experiences with prostitutes, who appear to be under-aged girls, trafficking victims & victims of rape #shutdownpunternet

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Trishna Datta started this petition to Dame Sara Thornton DBE QPM (the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner) and is an unregulated website where punters* can submit reviews of their encounters with prostitutes. Many of the women being reviewed appear to be underage, victims of trafficking and victims of rape. The website encourages punters to report women who appear to be trafficked, but when the website owner was asked what PunterNet has in place to ensure that trafficking is reported effectively; he failed to respond. 

*Punter=A person who visits a prostitute

To reiterate: I respect the right for a woman to do what she wants to do and I respect the right of a woman to work in the sex industry. I believe that a woman working in the sex industry should be able to make a platform for herself  and that no one should create that platform for her and scrutinise her in any way. 

A large number of quotes  suggest that the women being reviewed are under-age: "I like nothing more than a young and 'under-worked' body and f***y and this does not usually cause any problems through inexperience", victims of trafficking: "she was just too inexperienced and unskilled, coupled with a crap attitude. After seeing the very cute Consuello the previous week (from the same stable), I had hoped for better. There seems to be a group of early twenties Spanish girls being rotated around the country on this well-known listing website, as the girls appear in Sheffield, Norwich, Peterborough, Derby, Nottingham etc" and victims of rape: "I went straight for sex, she was completely unresponsive, even complained about pain as I am too big (which I hope to be, but i'm not) I managed to finish, just to have my money's worth"

Signing this petition will help to stop the expansion of a network that puts women in danger, " He had the attitude that he could pummel the girl for as long and as many times as he wanted within an hour (not caring wether he hurt her or not)". Many of those who use the website are unable to recognise the signs of women being coerced into prostitution, "I asked for a rubber put it on and went in. She didn't enjoy what was happening and had her face all screwed up and eyes tight shut". The website promotes a mob mentality of acceptance to pay for the right to be violent to women, "She seemed to be perspiring and quite agitated, but I was not now going to stop until I came". Its existence open doors so that other Punters know which women they get away with abusing more easily. 

The petition alongside a large list of quotes indicating rape, trafficking and under age prostitution were sent to David Cameron's office. The Home office replied and decided not to "ban the advertising of sexual services" and where a website is thought to be acting illegally they "would expect the police to investigate and the Crown Prosecution Service, where appropriate to prosecute".

However, PunterNet is unlike any other sexual service provider because prostitutes are not advertising themselves-Punters are advertising them and exposing those who appear to be underage, victims of trafficking and rape victims. This makes it easy for these women to be found, used, harmed and rape; with their locations and contact numbers visible at all times. Reports can also be submitted anonymously, meaning that some of the perpetrators of violence can never be brought to justice.

This response is despite the controversial direct field reports that were sent in the original letter to David Cameron's office:

 WARNING: Reports contain language that certain readers may find offensive

 Evidence of violence: 

In response to negative feedback a working girl writes, "You wanted to stick your finger all the way up my bum which is not comfortable for me. It's also not comfortable the way you tried to stick your fingers up the other place either in a non gentle manner. "

Working girl in response to negative feedback: " it was too painful for me and I couldn't persuade you to alter things."

Punter: "The agency then said even though I'm a regular and a good client, I won't get even 1% of the money back and went on saying she is hurt, she is bleeding and need to go to the hospital..LOL.."

Punter: "She seemed to be perspiring and quite agitated, but I was not now going to stop until I came. This happened about five minutes later and once I had come, she got off me and left the room. "

Evidence of trafficking?

Punter: "she was either drunk or on drugs. I'm no doctor and she may have had a medical condition for all I know, but she was very vacant with eyes rolling and then involuntary body movements. All whilst looking off into space. Breathing deeply and not being able to sit or stand still." 

Punter: ""******'s purple site profile was authored by the same guy who has written a number of other misleading profiles on Thai 'indies.... Several other Thai 'indies' with similar profiles also have rooms in the same building and since the author also runs a second-rate London oriental agency, I have to wonder just how independent they are."

Punter: " the girl seemed distinctly contemplative, almost with a resigned felt palpably like a violation rather than a service....She is not linguistically proficient and I shared no foreign language in which I could converse with her.  I may well have misread the girl or perhaps she is being forced into this prestigious industry by outside agencies. I saw no physical signs of enforcement or abuse. I am, however, very naive about such events and would be unsure to comprehend any signs, if I were to be confronted by them."

Punter: ""I have come to the realisation, at great expense, that these Polish girls are verging on being scams. They are run by faceless pimps that want the girls in and out of your room or home as quick as possible so that they can drive them to their next booking (they advertise as covering a lot of areas around London). I wouldn't go as far as saying they indulge in human trafficking but to them the girls ARE easily replaceable commodities"

Punter: "Guys, you need to stay clear of this woman, for the sake of your wallet, but also for her sake, as she’s clearly as cut out for her chosen profession as a dolphin is for stock car racing. I even entertained the possibility that she was being coerced into her non-chosen career, and briefly considered calling an 0800 number to report possible trafficking."

Evidence of underage girls:

Punter: "******** was a bit too mechanical for my liking, just went through a routine ending with doggy and her going uh uh and watching the TV. This is not the place for a girl of this age"

Punter: "OK, I like nothing more than a young and 'under-worked' body and f**ny - and this does not usually cause any problems, through inexperience."

Punter: It’s a bit like being with someone’s teenage daughter…if you like hot young bodies

Punter: "the complete and utter lack of any sort of technique/charm/sexual allure evidenced by this young lady in the bedroom as you suck, tug and thrash away to your inevitable climax. It is like you have entered a sexual black hole, which sucks all the desire out of you and propels it a billion miles in the other direction"

Punter: If you want to try a fresh, young (says she is 18) and pretty girl is ok, but maybe as she just started to work, is quite passive, scarcely kiss without tongue, doesn't want to be kissed on the neck or ears...She really can't speak a work of english (is romenian)

Evidence of women with health problems:

Punter: Has quite a few self inflicted cuts on her left arm, said she had 'stuff' in her head when she was younger.

Punter: "She complained she was cold, yet it was a lovely late summer/early autumn evening and quite balmy outside. I think she was stoned as she sounded woozy, looked sleepy and very nonchalant."

Punter: "one looked as if she was on drugs, the other was just abit more up for it, went for her."

Punter: "She looked spaced out, drugs or drink possibly. She also asked me if I did drugs which was a bad sign. "

 Will you help me to:

●Stop an unregulated website where a large number of women are being reviewed by Punters without their consent.

●Stop the locations and telephone numbers of alleged under-age girls and trafficking victims being displayed 24/7. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!
At 100,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top 1% on in the UK!