Stop promoting unscrupulous magic cure products

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Stop promoting unscrupulous magic cure products

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Nakul Shenoy started this petition to Mr Naveen Jindal (Hon. Member of Parliament, Republic of India)

Mr Naveen Jindal, Member of Parliament and industrialist recently launched the "Tirangaa" bangle.

Reading up the reports of this launch suggest that "Tri-Vortex" treated metal band claims to cure ailments like acidity and arthritis, purifies water and even protects people from harmful cellphone radiation". Further they state that this would prove "particularly beneficial for athletes and the elderly".

A quick Google search provides ample sources to question the tall and unscrupulous claims made by this product promoted primariliy by an American and a South African. CAMcheck, a South African consumers' guide to "scams,  pseudoscience and voodoo science," dismisses these claims as "pseudoscience baloney, quackery, and scam".

In a country that is plagued by superstition, "black magic," quacks, and magic cures, the last thing we need is our esteemed Members of the Parliament peddling or supporting by associating snake oil to the gullible.

It is the purpose of this petition to,

1. To seek an explanation from Mr Naveen Jindal regarding his association with the unscrupulous product and clarify his actions of seemingly encouraging the peddling of snake oil to the masses

2. To humbly request Mr Naveen Jindal to support the much-needed fight against magical remedies, quackery, and related scams.

Further, if Mr Naveen Jindal feels convinced from his personal experience that the Tri-Vortex Technology is indeed beneficial, we seek that scientific and medical tests be run on the product to validate these claims. 

After all, it is in staying with the spirit of the Constitution of India, specifically Article 51A(h) that every Indian citizen and of course the Government hold the duty to develop and promote scientific temper and do all in our power to prevent the gullible from being taken for a ride.

I request you to spend two minutes of your time to sign our petition asking the Hon. Member of Parliament to clarify his association with this unscrupulous product and humbly request him to support the much-needed fight against magical remedies, quackery, and related scams.

Thank you for your support.

Jai Hind!


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This petition had 185 supporters