Stop Privatisation of Agriculture Degree in Haryana.

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Degradation of Quality Education & Increase in Unemployment:

Already there are fixed posts in Agriculture sector and Government is also not coming up with Job opportunities. State Government of Haryana is working on privatisation of agriculture courses which will make the hustle for jobs more difficult and will eventually reduce the value of our course.

Admissions by Donations (Skills and talent will be over ruled)

The Private colleges and universities which will offer this course will not have the required facilities and will not provide quality education. Eventually Degree in agriculture  will be sold like nothing and Agriculture Graduates will face the same problem as once faced by B.Tech Graduates. 

No future Scope will be there for Agriculture

Here in CCSHAU we struggle very much to get good grades in both theory and practical But these private universities will not provide them with true education and practical knowledge but still they will get much better grades and thus this will effect our future.

If Karnataka government can do why not Haryana:

Karnataka Government Bowing to pressure fron students of various agricultural Universities who had resorted to protests and boycotted examinations demanding withdrawal of private Agricultural Universities, the Legislative Assembly on July 13, 2018 Adopted a bill to withdraw permission given to Rai Technology University to offer Agricultural Courses.



Our only Aim is to put emphasis on stopping privatisation of Agriculture Degree in Haryana. Please help us in this issue by signing this petition.