Stop Portrait Simple From Using Bunnies as Props!

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Every Easter Portrait Simple exploits baby bunnies as props for photoshoots with toddlers, and keeps them in poor and unsafe living conditions. Portrait Simple is a chain photography company located in Massachusetts and other places in New England.

It is not necessary for them to use live rabbits as props. After the Easter season is over, the rabbits are just given away through a quick "adoption" process. Since Portrait Simple has no knowledge of how to properly care for the bunnies, there is nothing that qualifies them to give the bunnies away to safe and reliable homes. Portrait Simple also cannot legally transfer animal ownership, as they are not a pet store with a pet vendor license. Most spur of the moment “easter bunnies” don’t last in their new homes, as they are often obtained impulsively as novelties. Furthermore, the exploitation of bunnies in conjunction with Easter and toddlers contributes to a much larger problem -- the mass production and mass abandonment of these bunnies shortly after Easter. 

The poor living conditions the bunnies are being kept in the photo studios:

  • Very small 2x2 cages
  • Cages are wire bottom which result in inflammation and sore hocks since bunnies don't have padded feet
  • They are providing the bunnies with improper diets -- processed pellets but ZERO hay. Hay is 80% of a rabbit's diet and promotes a healthy digestive system and teeth! Rabbits aged 4 months and older also need fresh greens and herbs. A pellet-only diet can cause obesity and can lead to death.
  • The bunnies are only out of their tiny cages when pictures are being taken. Rabbits need exercise and a minimum space to run and hop of AT LEAST 24 square feet according to the House Rabbit Society.
  • The photoshoots are taken with toddlers and INFANTS who are too young to understand how fragile bunnies are. Bunnies are easily stressed out and can be injured if dropped or held improperly.

Despite backlash Portrait Simple doesn’t want to end this dated practice. PLEASE HELP US!

We NEED to come together and put this to an end. STOP USING BUNNIES AS PROPS FOR PICTURES!!!