Tell Port Orange You Oppose Opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Next to a School

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The City of Port Orange Florida is Voting to Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary Directly Next Door to The Legacy Dance Studio, a Dance School for Children.

Per Port Orange, Florida - Land Development Code Chapter 18 - Section 2: - Special exceptions. (9.7) C - Separation Distances

The proposed dispensary shall be at least 1,000 feet from the nearest pre-existing school, house of worship, day care facility, public park, drug treatment facility, half-way house, medical marijuana cultivation center, medical marijuana processing facility, or another medical marijuana dispensary, measured lot line to building.

We and our patrons believe this code was put into place for situations just as this, as the distinct, multiple references in 9.7c, to locations children are most likely to congregate, show a precedent for distancing children and those at risk from dispensaries, no matter how that dispensary is packaged or presented.

We have 160 children attending our Dance School from the hours of 9:00am to 9:00pm in a wide range of specialized teaching disciplines such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary.

120 of those students are under the age of 10.

Older students are encouraged to come early to teach the younger students, learn and study, in a safe environment.

We understand the position of Surterra, and are not debating the rights of Marijuana usage, but Surterra is selling a Federally illegal substance, still not even regulated by the Florida State Legislature that would be portrayed as it is completely legal in front of children, next door, on a daily basis.

This is a confusing message my business and young students will be thrown in the middle of, which is a debate with loud voices on each side.

Approval of this proposal would not only put undue hardship on our business as a Dance School of young children, but this most importantly will adversely affect our students. This exception would take away a place for these students to get away from the daily barrage and pressures, of things like Drugs and Alcohol.

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