NHRC: Take action against #UPPoliceBrutality

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‘Suraksha Aapki, Sankalp Hamara’ ‘We take an oath to protect you’- UP Police

But what should we citizens do when it is the police from whom we need protection. 

Far from living up to its oath, UP Police instilled fear in common people across Uttar Pradesh this past week by barging into homes without the necessary warrant and vandalizing private property.

Unlike other parts of India where the police crackdown on peaceful protests against the Constitution Amendment Act took place on the streets and in public spaces, in my state Uttar Pradesh, the state’s violence entered our homes. 

The videos from Aligarh, Bijnor, Lucknow, Muzaffarnagar, and other cities are heart-wrenching. The brutality is unmatched. - shops have been shut down and sealed. The internet shutdown is making it impossible to get information, and there is no media attention being given to this issue. Citizens who are protesting silently are being listed and picked up from their homes in UP. Students were dragged out of libraries and university corridors. They were beaten up, assaulted and abused. Whether they were protesting or not! The future of this country is being lathicharged!

We are the world’s largest democracy. This kind of behavior by our police is unacceptable. And the buck stops at the Director-General of Police (DGP).

Sign this petition asking the DGP, OP Singh, to step down and for the police personnel who broke the law to be punished. The National Human Rights Commission should immediately take cognisance and take action against UP Police brutality

We as citizens cannot afford to stay silent anymore. 

The police cannot barge into houses without warrants and terrorise people, women and children alike.

Please sign this petition condemning the violence unleashed by UP police and demanding that the DGP step down.

We need lakhs of signatures to show that Indians are united against police brutality and we won’t remain silent anymore! Sign and share this petition to add your voice against police brutality. 

Image Credit: PTI, Varanasi on Friday, 20th December 2019