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Dear Mr President

This is so important because we want our voices to be heard as we condemn police brutality. A community is supposed to feel safe in the presence of policemen.  It is so heartbreaking to learn about the brutal death of Mido Macia in the hands of the police.  The South African government has to enact and enforce a Zero-Tolerance program to end Police Brutality.  With such brutality, the community now lives in an environment of fear.  The death of Mido Macia should be fully investigated and those who committed the crime should be brought to justice.  This kind of brutality is unacceptable.  Its so sad and quite disturbing that these policemen even had the courage to file a false report.  This kind of brutality must STOP.  The heavy handed police brutality tarnishes the image of good men and women in blue who do their job well and serve their country.  This is not the first time that we have learnt about this kind of brutality.  It also brings deep concern since Mido Macia was of foreign national.  There has been so much harsh treatment for foreign nationals in South Africa  We therefore ask the Office Of The President to put this brutality to an end.  As a people, we should solve problems without brutality.  WE SPEAK AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY ON ANY HUMAN BEING .....IT HAS TO STOP.

  •  Sincerely

    Fight Against Police Brutality


JOHANNESBURG (THE DAILY SUN/CNN) - A man died due to injuries sustained at the hand of police officers.

The South African newspaper The Daily Sun published video of a brutal police attack caught on camera.

Prior to being handcuffed, the footage shows officers and the suspect in a scuffle in the middle of the street.

Officers pulled the man, believed to be from Mozambique, from his cab after he allegedly attacked an officer and took one of their guns.

The cab driver, according to officers, was illegally parked.

The footage shows a taxi driver being handcuffed to the back of a South African police van in Daveyton, a town near Johannesburg.

Dozens of witnesses looked on as the police van drag the suspect several hundred feet.

The suspect is injured, but not taken to the hospital. The cab driver later died in his jail cell from suspected head wounds.

This incident is one of several incidents occurring in South Africa involving police brutality. Other incidents include officers killing 34 platinum miners in a Wildcat strike in August 2012.

The Police Investigative Directorate in South Africa is an independent government body that probes criminal offenses committed by police.

The directorate has received more than 6,000 complaints in 2012 accusing police officers of offenses ranging from murder to torture.

Amnesty International stated this incident is the latest in an increasingly disturbing pattern of brutal tactics by South African police.

"[The incident] is not a reflection on the police service as a whole," said Moses Diamini of the Police Investigative Directorate. "There are many other officers who are dedicated, who uphold the law and arrest criminals all the time."

The South African National Police Commissioner has "strongly condemned" the incident, pledging to cooperate with the probe.

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This petition had 91 supporters