Ban Poisoning of Strays, Ban the collection of strays and abandon them in remote areas

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The UAE has a glaring and growing problem with stray cats and dogs (Their numbers are huge, and escalating rapidly, with an estimated 100,000 cats and dogs living on the streets in Abu Dhabi alone and tens of thousands more in Dubai.)

This situation is caused because the Government does not offer free TNR services itself, or allow anyone to establish animal rescue organizations ti carry out TNR or take the strays off the streets to re-home them.

Veterinary clinics have also recently been prohibited from carrying out neutering operations on strays.

Instead the government of United Arab Emirates chose: 
+ to poison or abandon the homeless cats and dogs in desert areas - without water, shade, or food (with temperatures over 40 degree C) - to let them die slowly
+ to fine residents and tourists 500 AED for feeding strays
+ to fine volunteer animal rescue organisations 50,000 AED and forcing them to shut down all their social media accounts. 

What is it like to be a Strays in UAE ?

Strays are collected by the Municipality and either abandoned in the desert in extreme heat without water and food or taken to the nearest KILL SHELTER. Plus the Municipality has a putting POISON in the water bowls across UAE!

+ Residents & Tourists demand the government of the United Arab Emirates STOP POISONING HOMELESS CATS and DOGS!  

+ Residents & Tourists demand the government of the United Arab Emirates change all KILL SHELTERS in the UAE to NON KILL shelters. To provide all abandoned stray cats and dogs the chance to get adopted and to live!

+ Residents & Tourists demand the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment place feeding stations for the strays instead of collecting and killing them or abandoning them in the desert without food, water or shade! 

+ Residents & Tourists demand the UAE government provides free of charge TNR services to stop the stray population growth and further suffering of homeless strays.

+ Residents & Tourists demand respect and compassion for strays trying to survive in the UAE under harsh climate conditions and free of charge veterinary services for injured strays.