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Stop Poacher Who Poisoned 100 Elephants from Ever Killing Again

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Poacher Tony Maphosa has allegedly killed 100 elephants in cold blood by poisoning them with cyanide, then hacking off their tusks.

Not only is poisoning a cruel and cowardly way to kill these majestic, intelligent animals, but it is indiscriminate -- baby elephants, too young to even have tusks yet, often die after eating the cyanide.

Maphosa, from Zimbabwe, has finally been caught after spending 4 years on the run for his crimes. But even as a wanted man, he continued the violence; he has reportedly killed another 8 elephants this year alone.

When Maphosa goes to trial, he must be given an appropriate sentence, to discourage other poachers and to prevent him from ever killing another innocent elephant again.

Sign this petition to tell the Zimbabwean government to treat these horrific crimes with the severity they deserve, and ensure that no more elephants die at the hands of this serial elephant killer.  

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