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Stop plans to dig up Fiordland National Park in New Zealand for a private-use tunnel

It's our natural wonder of the world: New Zealand’s Fiordland & Mt Aspiring National Park are some of the most picturesque destinations on earth and part of the South Island's World Heritage area, often used as the back drop for films like Narnia, Lord of the Rings and recently The Hobbit. 

But now the New Zealand Department of Conservation is considering to allow a developer to carve it up for a private-use tunnel. And the Minister for Conservation Kate Wilkinson could decide in the next couple of weeks.

I live in Glenorchy, our family moved out here three years ago to enjoy the beautiful surrounds and vibrant community. I can't believe that the government might jeopardise our most valuable and precious natural resources, and destroy our communities at the same time.

Endangered species of native birds & bats in this region will loose their habitat, and pristine 'protected' native bush will be destroyed for no reason other than private commercial goals, as there are plenty of good alternatives to travel to Milford Sound.

Selfdrive visitors will not be allowed to use the tunnel, it's only for private bus companies to use for a shortcut bypassing Te Anau, the town which should be used as the start point of travel to Milford, not Queenstown. 

The proposed plan violates the National Park Policy of New Zealand saying that no new roads will be built in National Parks. 

The Tourism New Zealand slogan “100% Pure” will become a worldwide lie if the construction of this bus tunnel would be granted.

Please sign my petition to stop this private-use tunnel destroying our beautiful World Heritage-listed National Parks.

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