Stop pig slaughterhouse at Ballymoney NI; save pigs and local community from proposed hell

Stop pig slaughterhouse at Ballymoney NI; save pigs and local community from proposed hell

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Take action against these violent plans for a 'pork processing plant', aka pig stabbing facility in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

This grim project needs to be stopped.

Slaughterhouses are bad news for local communities, harmful to the environment and of course, terrible for the victims. The victims, in this case, would be "cull sows" - female pigs whose bodies and spirits are used up and broken from being consistently and heartlessly bred off and are as such killed at a fraction of their natural lifespan and turned into meat.

According to JMW Farm’s website, the family-owned operation will kill around 7,000 cull sows per week.

Apart from being incredibly cruel, slaughterhouses provide the worst sorts of jobs. Whether you eat meat or not, most people in the UK have never been inside a slaughterhouse - and for good reason. They are filthy, dirty places. There's animal faeces on the floor, the smell and sight of guts is overwhelming, and the walls are covered in blood.

If a pig came and nuzzled you like a puppy, would you be able to kill them just moments later?

This is one of the scenarios faced by slaughterhouse workers on a daily basis. They see animals that are, in many ways, no different to those we welcome into our homes as family members. They then have to kill them. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of them a day. The psychological toll this takes on a person cannot be underestimated. Slaughterhouse work has been linked to a variety of disorders, including PTSD and the lesser-known PITS (perpetration-induced traumatic stress). It has also been connected to an increase in crime rates, including higher incidents of domestic abuse, as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

While jobs are always needed, slaughterhouse jobs are not the kinds of jobs or working environments individuals or communities need.

The meat industry cares little for animals, and seemingly very little for its workers.

Slaughterhouses have been declared epicentres of Covid-19 outbreaks in many countries. Many slaughterhouse workers and their families have been affected by Covid-19. This has resulted in literally thousands of workers at slaughterhouses becoming sick, and dozens dying as a result.

Then there are the environmental issues of which there are many:

o Waste from the slaughterhouse including the pigs’ excrement and spent litter. The on-site slurry tank would likely produce strong odours, which could potentially have a negative impact on local residents’ quality of life.

o Operations on the slaughterhouse: including extractor fans, vehicle movements to and from the facility, and the confinement of the pigs in a small building – would generate large amounts of noise, which could disturb local residents.

o Vehicle movements to and from the farm each year would intensify traffic in the area, potentially causing disruption for local residents.

o Ammonia from the pigs’ waste would be emitted from the slaughterhouse into the surrounding area, which would likely have a negative impact on air quality and potentially a detrimental effect on human health, wildlife, and the environment. In this case, the proposed slaughterhouse is next to the River Bann.

o The slaughterhouse would produce large amounts of slurry. There would be a risk that this material would leak or spill and contaminate the surrounding area.

o Finally, the farm would cause immense suffering to the pigs confined and slaughtered there. Pigs are highly intelligent animals who naturally live in small family groups and enjoy playing, exploring their

surroundings, foraging for food, and building nests for their offspring. Instead they live a life of misery, typically crammed in by the hundreds into barren enclosures, where they are denied the opportunity to carry out any of these natural forms of behaviour. Ultimately, they will endure a terrifying journey to this proposed slaughterhouse, where they are typically stunned with electric tongs or suffocated with carbon dioxide in a gas chamber before their throats are slit.

Currently the plans are with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.


THESE TWO OTHER LINKS ARE AN EXAMPLE OF YOUR ' HIGH WELFARE RED TRACTOR APPROVED' FARM WHICH WAS EXPOSED IN NORTHERN IRELAND LAST YEAR WHERE PIGS WERE EATING EACH OTHER ALIVE With your help we can show our objections by signing and sharing this petition today. Make sure to stay tuned for further actions and updates in the near future. Thank you! The pigs�❤

27,496 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!