Stop paying a fee for Halal food certification to the Islamic Council.

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Halal certification of foods

A number of foods we purchase on supermarket shelves are certified as Halal. For example the small Halal certification symbol appears on Kraft Vegemite, some Cadbury products, Tasel Tasmanian salmon, some Leggo food products, some San Remo pasta products and many more. Even more products are certified Halal but do not show the symbol on the label.
To be certified Halal a fee must be paid to AFIC –The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils- or an affiliated state council.
Who are AFIC and what happens to the certification fee you contribute towards when you buy a certified product?
The AFIC has an embracing mission statement: but its actions are not totally consistent with that statement. For example, the appointment by the AFIC of the notorious Taj El-Din Hilaly as Grand Mufti of Australia, was in conflict with the AFIC’s stated mission.
Taj El-Din Hilaly was a convicted criminal serving time in jail. His sermons were often anti-Australian (in direct contradiction of the AFIC’s mission statement) and his views on Australian women (“cat’s meat”) are well known. Commissioner Pru Goward said his statements on women were an incitement to crime, as are several other statements he has made. Despite having arrived in Australia in 1982, he would not speak English, so he was hard put to really support AFIC’s stated mission. Likewise, the current Australian Grand Mufti appointed by AFIC has to use an interpreter.
Hilaly never condemned the terrorist attacks on the USA on 11 September 2001. In fact, he is reported as supporting that offence by saying it was an act of god. The AFIC did not condemn him for that statement.
The AFIC is known to have received hundreds of thousands of dollars for years from Gaddafi of Libya, and who knows what other money they receive from people and regimes antagonistic to the Australian way of life. Further, Hilaly appeared to support Hezbollah, classified by the Australian Government as a terrorist organization – does the AFIC send its “international resources” to Hezbollah?
The Australian Newspaper reports that the Minister for education in NSW has asked the NSW police and ASIC to investigate where millions and millions of tax-payers dollars have gone. The money was given to Muslim schools managed by you guessed it AFIC. The millions of government dollars funnelled out of the schools into AFIC's coffers has not yet been explained.

Time may tell, if it is not hushed up, whether the money was just badly accounted for, or was used corruptly to pay people, or whether some was syphoned off to give to Muslim organisations like Hezbollah.

I wonder if we will ever hear.

In the meantime do not give money to AFIC by purchasing Halal certified products.


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