Stop Parole of Rapist/Murderer Mark Rogowski

Stop Parole of Rapist/Murderer Mark Rogowski

July 13, 2022
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Inmate Mark Rogowski was granted parole by the State Board of Parole hearings on June 14, 2022. We are asking that Governor Newsom do the right thing and reverse that grant just like he did back in 2019. We only have 60-90 days before it goes to the Governor for review. We must act quickly to let the Governor know how we feel!

On March 21, 1991, Mark Rogowski tortured, raped, and murdered 21-year-old Jessica Bergsten and transported her body to a remote desert area, where her skeletal remains were found several weeks later. Rogowski attacked Jessica with a steering wheel locking device, hitting her in the head multiple times. He then bound her and raped her for hours, stuffed her into a surfboard bag and suffocated her. Rogowski then drove Jessica’s dead body into the desert and left it there.

Jessica Bergsten was a beloved daughter, sister, and a friend to many. She was a woman of compassion, confidence, humor, strength, and great loyalty to those she cared about.  She was just 21 years old with all of her future promises ahead of her when her life was brutally extinguished by Rogowski in an act of violence, horror, and pain.  

Mark Rogowski’s, torture, rape, and murder of Jessica Bergsten is an act of the most extreme form of violence toward women possible. This kind of brutality is not a random act of violence. The fact that parole could be an option for such an evil and heinous crime should be incomprehensible to anyone aware of the facts of this case.

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the parole of Mark Rogowski. For the protection of our society, justice demands that this violent rapist and murderer serve the maximum prison term given to him at his time of sentencing for this crime. 

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Sponsor: Catherine O, and the Bergsten Family. 


You can also write to the Governor in support of the denial of parole, email:

Include info:

Inmate: Rogowski, Mark Anthony

CDCR #: H27508

RJ Donovan Correctional Facility



This petition made change with 3,091 supporters!

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