Stop Adults From Smoking While Walking With Children in Public

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Secondhand smoke is an issue facing millions of Americans today. Children are often most at-risk to secondhand smoke due to poor habits developed by parents or other close adults. There are laws that prohibit smoking cigarettes in certain public places and distances from where children are present (parks, schools, etc.) There are also laws that prohibit smoking in cars with minors under the age of 18.

However, there are no laws that prohibit parents/adults from smoking while walking with their children in public. This is an issue seen far too commonly around the city and even in suburban areas. Parents walking home with a baby in the stroller or walking with young children and they decide to light a cigarette. Although they may think being in an open-air environment makes the effects less impactful, smoking cigarettes while walking with a child/children poses the same threat as it does to smoking in parks or schools where children are nearby. Parents or any adult should not be allowed to smoke cigarettes while walking in public places with minors due to the high risk of secondhand smoke. 

Children often do not have a choice when it comes to their encounters with secondhand smoke, but certain laws can be implemented or strengthened to help preserve their health.