STOP Over-Development in Rooney Valley NOW

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With an urgent agenda and closed-door meetings, the Town of Morrison is caving in to a developer’s plans for a residential development that will forever blight a pristine and prime section of the Rooney Valley. The judgment and wisdom of the Mayor and Trustees is brought into question.
Just north of Morrison Road, 300 acres of Valley land within the borders of the Town of Morrison is slated for rezoning and then vesting (to prevent more appropriate rezoning in the future) before being disconnected and reverting to control by Jefferson County.
Ventana Capital is being given a “blank check” by Morrison officials to construct a community of 1100+ residential units, many high-density, without appropriate infrastructure. The combination of rezoning and the lack of citizen recourse to the County sets the stage for unhindered development that will benefit the developer at the expense of the residents and the County. We advocate for remediation of the impacts of the following issues:
·     Traffic Congestion along Indiana and Morrison Roads, as well as C470 and the entrance and exit ramps – an estimated 30,000 new vehicle trips per day!

·     School Crowding – even if the developer agrees to provide land for a school, there is no money to build it! And, even if JeffCo issues bonds, the money would not nearly be enough for all the neighborhoods in line for a new school ahead of RRR. 

·     Water has been “guaranteed” by the Town of Morrison, but practical as well as legal challenges remain

·     Sanitation/Sewer service is a considerable challenge given the significant water run-off and historical flooding in the proposed development area.

·     Recreation Areas– can our already crowded hiking and biking trails accommodate thousands of new residents?

·     Parks - no playgrounds, recreation centers or libraries are planned

·     Police and Fire Services, as well as ongoing infrastructure expenses, will have to come from the County – at what cost to taxpayers?
Morrison, Lakewood and Jefferson County officials have an obligation to the people who elected them to ensure that inappropriate development is stopped - and plans for sustainable development and quality of life are fully explored. "SMART" development will actually provide value to the Valley, its residents, Jefferson County, and the state of Colorado.


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