Stop our open green spaces being built upon.

Stop our open green spaces being built upon.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Allison Lund

It’s been a year since the residents of Normanton and Altofts came together to oppose what could be the destruction of a beautiful, green space serving the community to make way to more housing development. 

We have been informed that the landowners have now submitted their planning application to Wakefield Council.

We need your continued support more than ever………..

Please sign the e petition if have haven’t already done so.

The Altofts Action Group are holding a meeting for residents and interested parties on Saturday, 18th March 2023 at 2pm, Altofts Church Hall.
Meet with us and we can support you to submit your objection.

Alternatively go to the Wakefield Planning Portal and submit on line

Please support us, this further development will impact on the village and wider areas of the community.

There have been numerous new developments over the years that have continued to take over the green spaces, fields and woodlands that we as a community value so much. 

Our open spaces, farmland and natural habitats are under attack once again and we are being let down from Government and The Local Authority driven by housing targets.

The land around Altofts and Normanton along with wildlife that live amongst us are vanishing, as vast housing continues to be built on them. Our wildlife is fading, hedgehogs are close to extinction, bees are struggling to survive due to habitat destruction, let alone the impact on traffic, pollution, access to medical care, dentists and school provision due to demand.






2,151 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!