Stop our children walking a dangerous route to school

Stop our children walking a dangerous route to school

4 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by CLAIRE Wilders

We need you help to get our free school bus reinstated.


Our local council have decided the children of Christ’s Hospital, Horsham should walk 2.9 miles to Tanbridge House School, along a road, through the woods and over the railway line that have:

  • Blind bends
  • Isn’t wide enough for two cars
  • Has no street lights
  • Means the children have to constantly swaps sides of the road
  • Doesn’t have footpaths, just the occasional verge
  • No lighting in the woods
  • No footpath in the woods

We have be told there has only been 3 accidents and none involved pedestrians

  • because no one walks this road as it’s too dangerous

To cope with the dark nights or rain we have been told the children should

  • Wear high viz vests
  • Take spare clothes in case they get muddy
  • Take waterproofs
  • Take a spare pair of shoes/wellies
  • Always walk with a sensible (not just any) adult
  • Carry a torch 

As well as carrying their:

  • School bags 
  • PE Kit
  • Musical Instruments

If they choose to cycle this route they would have to carry their bikes over the railway bridge which comprises of 20 steps up and 20 down. The alternative route is at least 3.5 miles and again along another fast road. 

PLEASE can you sign our petition to show this is not acceptable and we do not want our children to be involved in an accident or attacked while walking this route.

Thank you �

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Signatures: 1,869Next Goal: 2,500
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