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Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) | Stop the Advancement of Introducer Bob Goodlatte

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Bob Goodlatte the co-author/introducer of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been tirelessly working to pass this act that is intended to go after overseas, "rogue" Web sites that traffic in counterfeit or infringing content. The bill would allow the Justice Department to obtain a court order and take down these sites, and also get them removed from search engines.

Detractors, however, argue that the bill could potentially harm Web sites that don't actually contain infringing content or were acting in good faith. This legislation would also cause damage to the architecture and innovation of the Internet [and] the DNS in the name of stopping copyright infringement.

Although copyright infringement may be a problem; SOPA is definitely not the correct approach. If this act were to be passed this would set a dangerous precedent on internet regulation that would most certainly lead to even more regulation. This would be a threat to how we obtain alternative sources of information as it is the most important liberty that needs protection from government overreach.

Bob Goodlatte will be running against Karen Kwiatkowski in the Republican Primary in the 6th district of Virginia in June, and I urge that we send a strong message to this establishment GOP candidate. Kwiatkowski is running on a constitutional platform of 'Less government and more prosperity. She would not support any legislation that would limit the internet in this information age.

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