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How to Safeguard Hundreds of Thousands of Lives
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How to Safeguard Hundreds of Thousands of Lives
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Dear Friends,

Nuclear weapons put fear in the hearts of many people.
Here is a thought that offers hope:
If you dismantle just one nuclear warhead, you safeguard hundreds of thousands of
innocent lives.
(Thanks to my 86 year-old dad, Larry, for sharing this simple, but powerful idea.)
We know there are more than 20,000 nuclear weapons in the world, with thousands
on high alert. Those facts can make us feel small and weak.
But my dad's point lets us realize our strength and potency for good. For if we
can help de-commission just one nuclear weapon, we will have done a great service
for humankind.
In this month of August, when we remember the people who died 64 years ago in the
atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the idea of dismantling our way towards
nuclear disarmament, warhead by warhead, is particularly meaningful.
Your donations directly fund the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation [ ]'s
educational and advocacy work for a nuclear weapons-free world. Without your generosity,
we could not do what we do.
So I want to pose this question: Will you give right now [ ]
so we can grow the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and safeguard lives?

Of course, the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation does not dismantle nuclear warheads.
Governments do that because they control the weapons.
But who influences governments?We do.
US President Barack Obama  [ ]has
shown leadership by stating the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. The new
treaty currently being negotiated by the United States and Russia would indeed
dismantle nuclear weapons -- potentially hundreds of them.
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation supported a new US-Russia treaty long before Obama
came to office. We helped prepare the way for such policy changes through our education
and advocacy work.
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is the the business of changing public thinking.
The 26,000 members of our Action Alert Network [ ]
regularly give input to the US Congress and the President. Our peace leaders  [ ]work
person-to-person in their own communities. Our DVD [ ]
makes the basics of nuclear disarmament accessible to thousands. We even have a
Spanish-language version. [ ]
But we cannot do our work as a catalyst of public opinion without your support.
Will you give as you are able to support our work [ ]
now? [ ]
Here's how we will use the money you give us:

* Educate the public through our new (and free) DVD  [ ]US
Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World.
* Organize people through our Action Alert Network  [  ]to
email elected officials in Washington DC on key nuclear issues.

* Recruit, train and support volunteer peace leaders  [ ]who
will use the DVD and other materials to spread the message of nuclear disarmament
and peace in their own communities.

You can help safeguard hundreds of thousands of lives by joining us in our work.
All gifts are welcome and tax-deductible under the limits of the law.

With respect and appreciation,
Steven Crandell,
Director of Development & Public Affairs

P.S. Please consider giving [ ]
now [ ]
to support our advocacy for a world free of nuclear weapons. Afterwards, you can
investigate our web site [ ].
Watch the DVD [ ]
or one of the winning entries in our video contests [ ].
Or read David Krieger's latest speech given at our Sadako Peace Day ceremony August
6, "New Hope for Nuclear Disarmament."  [ ]


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