Stop North Bay from Bypassing The Endangered Species Act & Developing Protected Wetlands!

Stop North Bay from Bypassing The Endangered Species Act & Developing Protected Wetlands!

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The Situation.

North Bay City Council has requested the Province of Ontario to exempt North Bay from the Endangered Species Act and to allow the City to open up Provincially Significant Wetlands for commercial development.

Why These Specific Wetlands Matter.

These wetlands are currently home to an endangered species, the Blandings Turtle, not to mention a valuable asset to the surrounding ecosystem and a historically significant waterway travelled by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Ecologically, these important wetlands are classified as Provincially Significant, which means that this specific area provides invaluable services to our community including carbon sequestration, flood protection, ground water storage, pollution filter, storm buffer, and habitat for plants and animals, including the Blanding's Turtle. This significant area is an ecologically-defined area by scientific criteria. Not an area for land developers or politicans to redraw.


There are several viable locations that would be suitable for development. Many citizens want to see the City of North Bay grow, but not at the expense of scientifically-proven significant ecosystems. Surrounding North Bay, there are countless locations that would be suitable for urban development, provided that appropriate sustainable development practices are followed.

How to Act

Please sign your name to tell the City of North Bay that endangered species and Provincially Significant Wetlands matter to you! 

Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here for a Canadian Directory

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