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This petition is addressed to David Fraser Sutherland, Kirkwood Homes Ltd.
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Culloden Battlefield is the location of the last pitched battle fought on British soil. On this site, the Battle of Culloden was fought on the 16th of ApriI, 1746. The Jacobite army led by Prince Charles Edward Stewart, 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' was defeated by Government forces commanded by the Duke of Cumberland . The Battle claimed the lives of 2000 men. The Battlefield is essentially a grave site. There, beneath the topsoil, lie the bodies of those 2,000 men.

The Battlefield at Culloden is designated as being of National importance. It sits firmly within the National consciousness as a symbol of national identity, of cultural and historical significance and, of International importance to those outside Scotland who share a common cultural and historical background.

In 2011, Inverness Properties submitted a planning application to Highland Council to build a 16 unit housing development at Viewhill Farm near Inverness and in close proximity to the National Trust protected enclosure of Culloden Battlefield. This development was rejected by Highland Council. The Developer appealed. The matter went to a Government Reporter who had the power to approve or dismiss the development application. The Group to Stop Development at Culloden was created during this time. Thousands joined us in the fight to save Culloden Battlefield from a development - which lies within the Inventory of Battlefields designated as of "National Importance". The Development would be 400+ metres from the battle enclosure and well within the newly designated in 2015 Culloden Muir Protection Area. The Government appointed Reporter approved the development in January of 2014.

Recently, a company operating under the name of Kirkwood Homes Ltd. of Inverurie has declared their intention to build, “An intimate and extremely luxurious development of just 16 stunning and spacious 4 and 5 bedroom detached homes”, at the Viewhill site under the name “Cairnfields”. "Cairn" an obvious reference to the Cairn monument on the Battlefield dedicated to the Battle of Culloden and the memory of the men who fought and died on that "field" April 16, 1746 . They have proposed amendments to the original application, which are currently under consideration by Highland Council. Highland Council has not yet rendered a decision.

The admin and members of GSDC, and all who sign this petition are very concerned that this land will disappear under houses and pavements; thus creating an irreparable scar on Culloden Moor and ultimately will generate disrespect towards those who died and lie buried under its unforgiving moorland. The building of 16 luxury houses at Viewhill farm would convert the existing agricultural land use to suburban, subdivided parcels. Probable widening and extensions of roads accessing this property do not comply with the Culloden Muir Conservation Area.

If allowed, this development will affect the area in a dramatic, negative way. Increased traffic, street lighting, issues with drainage and unsightly rooflines, and increased residential noise will greatly affect the Battlefield experience. The area will lose its ability to convey a sense of historical and cultural significance, as a memorial, in which to sit and contemplate, as a place of connection for millions of people around the world.

This is not appropriate use for this land.

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