Stop Nestle from draining 1.2 million gallons/day from Ginnie Springs

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Nestle wants to renew a permit bought from Seven Springs. Up till now about .2 million/gallons a day is what has been extracted from the facility near Ginnie Springs however the permit already allows up to 1.2 - 1.7 million gallons a day. Now Nestle bought Seven Springs bottling plant and will be seeking renewal. 

Resist this permit until we see a financial projection of how much they will need daily as well as a risk assessment of our wetlands or over all health of the state aquifers which supports their volume requests. A large corporation may possibly push the limits of this permit or violate the permit altogether as they have in Tampa, FL and California. We need to slow them down and keep them accountable!

Potential risks include:

Deterioration of water quality, lowering the water table reducing residential well water supplies, reduction of water to other streams and lakes in the state, destruction of ecosystems and wetlands, loss of support below soils creating sink holes.

Although Nestle will pay Seven Springs for the water they bottle at the Ginnie Springs plant the city or state do not benefit from the water sales. They gain all profits, we lose our ecosystems, well supplies and local watering hole without any financial gain to the state.

edited :8-12-19 for accuracy based on new information obtained since petition was created.