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Stop Modells from selling Michael Vick's new product line

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Michael Vick is a cold heartless animal abuser and murderer. He does not deserve fame, fortune or hero worship. His "apology" *AFTER* he was convicted, was contrived and written for him by his PR team....he was trying to save his income and fame...he was only sorry he was caught and convicted.  Further more, he then went on the Jon Stewart Show and said he, "Wouldn't change anything in his life so far..."  Does that sound like someone that was sorry for the torture and murder of innocent animals?

  If Vick was truly sorry and wanted redemption he'd be donating 100% of the profits to the Humane Soceity or another worthy animal group.....but he is not.  A portion of the proceeds will benifit the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia.  Great, make this guy a hero in the eyes of inner city youth. So not what we need.

As long as Modells Sporting Goods continues to see the Vick line of products it will be boycotted by every animal lover/rescuer in the animal community. We will publicly speak out against Modells Sporting Goods each and every chance we get. Michael Vick does not deserve to profit.   

Please sign and let Modells and Vick know that what he did was not "OK" ....Pressure Modells to pull the Michael Vick V7 line from their stores!

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