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A convicted sadist and dog killer is being glorified. Over a period of six years, Michael Vick knowingly and willingly ran a dog fighting operation in Virginia and personally tortured, brutalized and murdered multiple dogs- with no hesitation, no fear of reprisal and no remorse.


Letter to
CEO Modell's Sporting Goods Mitchell Modell
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mitch Modell, CEO of Modell's Sporting Goods.

Stop promoting and selling convicted dog killer Michael Vick's clothing line V7

Would Modell's be so forgiving if Michael Vick had done this to children? Were his sadistic acts of torture and murder less heinous because his victims stood on four legs rather than two? Not in our eyes. Modell's is promoting the idolization of a sociopath unfit to be a role model. What kind of message does this send to our society? This is not about forgiveness and second chances for Modell's - this is about the bottom line and blood money. ----------------


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