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STOP Mobile Slaughter "Killing Trucks"

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Marin County, California is proposing mobile slaughterhouses "killing trucks" despite community opposition.  Backyard breeding and slaughter will be approved again after a ban was put in place in 2003.  All types of livestock and poultry – including gentle, domestic rabbits will be killed. Up to 20,000 animals per site without a use permit.   Stage Two ramps up to larger animal production and processing, which may include goats and cattle. 

Mobile slaughter is bad for people, the environment and animals themselves. 

Mobile slaughter trucks bring the sounds and smells of animals suffering and dying, disease, scavenger animals and the HIGH RISK of contamination to our creeks and land, through blood, waste products and chemicals used in the slaughtering process.

Why would Marin County planners even be considering this when it's bad for Marin County residents, the environment and of course, the animals?

A small group of ranchers stand to gain a lot. It's politics and business. Trendy words, such as: “sustainability, Local-vore, green and humane" are marketing terms that sound good without substance, measurement or proof. These farmers live in one of the most fertile places in California and  could choose to be environmentally aware and progressive by adopting to market demands for fresh fruits and vegetables. Crop diversification is a proven method to help people and the planet with studies conducted by the United Nations.

There are over 1800 different type of seeds available at a local seed bank and  tremendous community support for organic, sustainable food that does not involve animal production and cruelty. Times change and the planet is ready for  more positive change---not less.

It is not too late to stop the backyard breeding and slaughter of animals in Marin County, but we must act quickly. There would be no turning back if such a disturbing and damaging proposal is approved!

What you can do:
They must hear from the public.
Attend this Marin County Planning Workshop – Monday, December 12 at 10:30 am
Marin County Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Dr, Suite 328
San Rafael, CA

Write letters: A model letter is attached and also available via this link The Truth About Meat Rabbits: Change, delete, or add what you wish. Please be polite and professional.  Letters can be sent to:

The Marin County Community Development Agency. (aka: the Planning Dept):

Brian Crawford, Director of Community Development Agency

Jeremy Tejirian, Planning Manager

or, send a letter via US Mail to these people at:

Marin County Community Development Agency
3501 Civic Center Dr, Suite 308
San Rafael, California 94903

The Marin County Board of Supervisors:

There are five Supervisors:

Supervisor Damon Connolly:

Supervisor Katie Rice

Supervisor Kathrin (note spelling) Sears

Supervisor Steve Kinsey

Supervisor Judy Arnold



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