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Stop misrepresenting and abusing Native American and Indigenous Culture

Selling for profit a derogatory term used by corporations such as Sailor Jerry and Amazon is completely wrong in every manner of the word. Native Americans have long striven for equality and to be treated with respect. The use of the word "Squaw" on these articles of clothing you have produced needs to stop. These items need to be taken off the shelves immediately. Do the right thing and stop the sale of these items which continue to offend Native American people, heritage, and cultures.

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Besides the offensive word Squaw - The shirt contains a war bonnet. It contains eagle feathers. Eagle feathers are a live spiritual being. A war bonnet is earned and passed down to family members. Using this on clothing apparel adds to the misrepresentation of the First Nations and the diversity of our Nations. A head dress or war bonnet should NEVER be used in a cheap marketing tactic. It is profane, derogatory, and disrespectful. It takes only a few moments to sign this petition and to stop the abuse. Do the right thing.

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