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Stop misinformation about vaccination #stopAVN

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The fringe movement that opposes vaccination is becoming more vocal. In spreading false information and creating unrealistic fear, they risk harming the integrity of our very successful immunisation programme, and the health of our children.

We know that, in areas where people stop vaccinating, there have been outbreaks of whooping cough and measles. Parents are understandably confused when fringe campaign groups, spreading misinformation, encourage parents to disbelieve the information given to them by their doctors, and suspect their doctors of intentionally deceiving them.

Deceptively-named groups like the Australian Vaccination Network, who say they are "pro-choice", actually discourage anyone from vaccinating, and deny that any vaccine works. Parents need reliable and accurate information about both benefits and side-effects of vaccines, from a reliable and reputable source.

We ask Minister Plibersek to speak out about the dangers of misinformation about vaccines, and to foster the development of an independent body to examine alleged vaccination complications and disseminate reliable and accurate information.

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