Stop ministers who breach the ministerial code from serving in the cabinet

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Many professions require honesty and trust from their employees. We the people should demand exactly that same standard from our Parliamentarians. Too many MPs have been sacked or forced to resign from ministerial roles, only to return at a later date. This is unacceptable.

My local MP Priti Patel broke the ministerial code and then lied about it.  She was forced to resign but now Boris Johnson has put her back in the Cabinet - as Home Secretary. And she isn’t the only one. Many ministers have broken the code over the years - even our own Prime Minister. 

MPs serve the public and we should be able to trust them. If ministers break that trust they should not be given some of the most powerful and important jobs in the country.

That’s why I’ve started this petition asking that any minister who breaks the ministerial code, should not be able to serve in the Cabinet.

I’m a retired police officer and I have worked in public service all my life. In all my jobs, I’ve knows what’s expected of me and that there would be severe consequences if I misbehaved in my job.

If you lie in court, you are no longer seen as a reliable witness. It’s not right that after breaking the rules, some MPs are able to return to some of the highest positions in public office.

If I had lied or in other ways misbehaved in my role, I would not have been able to retain my job. So why is it that MPs can - and even get promoted?

We need to ensure that faith is restored in British politics and that the British people feel confident that we can indeed move on and heal as a nation.

Sign this petition so that once an minister has breached the ministerial code, there should be no chance of a return to a minister post for them.