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Stop Michigan lawmakers from ending domestic partner benefits!


In January, the Michigan Civil Service Commission extended health care benefits to state employees’ unmarried partners and their dependents. This was a victory for working families throughout the state.

Last week, the Michigan Senate moved to overturn this decision and revoke benefits for domestic partners. This action sets a dangerous precedent. It would for the first time in Michigan’s history reverse a decision made by the Civil Service Commission, disrupting the separation of powers that are a central tenant of our system of government.

The most successful businesses in Michigan, and across the nation, consider the extension of health benefits to household members a priority. A host of employers across our state feel strongly that the best business strategy calls for inclusive policies that protect their employees’ families by keeping them healthy.

This week, the Michigan House will take up the issue. Republican leaders are threatening to bypass a vote in order to push this resolution through. Sign our petition telling your Representative that they must allow a roll-call vote on Senate Concurrent Resolution 9 and vote NO on the resolution. Make your voice heard!

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Letter to
Michigan State House
I’m contacting you today to voice my strong objections to Senate Concurrent Resolution 9, which would take away much deserved health care benefits for the families of hard working state employees. The Civil Service Commission’s decision to extend health benefits to other eligible individuals was not only a lawful decision, but the right decision, as families are always stronger when health insurance is accessible to everyone in the household.

We hear time and again that to truly reform our government we need to run it more like a business. That’s exactly what the Civil Service Commission’s decision did. We need your help to ensure that the Civil Service Commission’s decision to protect Michigan families isn’t overturned.

Leading companies throughout Michigan are offering these same benefits to their employees as they recognize that they not only help recruit the brightest and best talent, but also protect their employees. As we are asking our state employees to do more and more with less, we must also be able to attract the brightest and best workers to fill those positions that Michigan’s citizens rely on. We cannot accomplish that task if we eliminate this provision that offers benefits for unmarried partners.

The Republican leadership must allow a vote. To do otherwise would be to disrespect the process of government and the people of our state. The public will not stand for subversive tactics that thwart democracy.

I trust you’ll do what’s best for Michigan and Michigan families by voting NO on SCR 9.

Thank you.