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Petitioning Stop Michael Vick from getting a dog!

Mr. Vick should NOT have the right to own a dog for what he have done.

Michael Vick used pitbulls for dog fighting and some he would hang or would electrocute. This was in 2007 one of the dogs had to be put down but the other 48 dogs were taken to recover remember this was on in 2007, and to this day some of the dogs are still recovering. A person who has done this does not have any RESPECT for dogs and should have the right to have a "best friend" even if it is for his kids. He lost that right when he ruined the lives of all those innocent dogs. A dog can love you more than himself and Mr. Vick does not and should not have the privilege to find that out.


One of the suppoters Dianne Lynn Elko email me this link saying that U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson was not sure of Michael Vick hopefully he can stop it.

Please take a look at this link

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  • Stop Michael Vick from getting a dog!

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