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Cada año, entre los meses de Septiembre y Marzo, se lleva a cabo una de las masacres de delfines más horrendas, más de 20.000 delfines son cazados. Ésto sucede en Taiji, una pequeña comunidad de Japón. Según el gobierno japonés y algunos pescadores, la caza anual se debe a razones culturales, pero eso es falso porque muchos japoneses no tienen idea de lo que ocurre en Taiji. La caza de estos ejemplares se debe al comercio de su carne (para la comunidad) y para llevarlos a centros acuáticos o mantenerlos en cautiverio.

Letter to
Taiji Mayor Kazutaka Sangen.
Along with greeting, I turn to you in order to let you know my opinion about the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, and perhaps make a difference.

No offense to you, much less, but the dolphin slaughter that takes place is horrible and shameful, isn't known throughout the community, therefore isn't a tradition, is a violation to the animal rights. The dolphins that are not killed, are taken to aquatic parks, reducing their years of life and liberty.

In one of the articles of the Universal Declaration of the Animals Rights, says: "No animal should be sacrificed or exposed to danger, for the good of people." Article that is completely ignored.

We are many people who we disagree with the dolphin hunt in Taiji, and also with the transport of these, to aquatic parks.

I hope to draw your attention and make a difference.

I await your response,
Thank you, good bye.

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