Save Luna (dog) from being Killed

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Save Luna from being Murdered

Yesterday I was informed by my ex thatDesoto County, MS ordered that Luna, a Pit Bull mix, shall be put to sleep, or MURDERED rather, for the biting incident of a boy who, agaist his parents warnings, and against our warnings, decided to venture into our yard anyway and approach Luna. He was bitten as a result of his venture. He also addmitted in the Police Report, that his parents had warned him to stay out of our yard and to stay away from our dog. He did not Listen. We have warned our entire neighborhood previously that our dog is known to be PROTECTIVE and will growl and snap at strangers if they approach him in his yard, just as any Good Guard Dog should do.
Luna was in his yard, the back yard, behind our house, on a Lead/Runner/TieDown which provided him with about 15ft of running space. Luna was NOT loose running the neighborhood. He was secured in his yard minding hid own business when this boy decided it was a smart idea to Ignore our warnings and admittingly, his own partents forbiddance of entering our yard. Yet he did anyway, walked to the back of our house and for all anyone knows, may have even been throwing rocks or sticks or provoking Luna in some way to test ours and his parents warnings. He was bitten as a result.
A court date was originally set for about 2 weeks from today, however unbeknownst to us, court was pushed forward to yesterday. It was only luck that we were informed about it. I have been told that the Desoto County judge ordered at 5pm tomorrow, Wed. 8/162017, Luna shall be handed over to the Animal Shelter where he shall immediately be put to sleep. We are not allowed to be present during the procedings.
Luna, scared and alone, being turned over to strangers by the people whom he Loves will be murdered by people who do not care for him and have no concern for his feelings in the situation.
He will Die surrounded by his killers and noone else.

I have been told that if Casey does not surrender him by 5pm tomorrow she will be arrrested.

Thank you all.
Gabe Glenn


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