Stop Logging and Road Building in Old Growth Forests

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Old growth forests are precious and irreplaceable. They are quiet, special places to enjoy and homes to myriad animal and plant species. I had thought the public had fought and won protection for these forests long ago. I was wrong. The forest service is actively logging in and planning to log old growth forests. They will cut down trees that are over 200 years old and build roads right through old growth destroying their integrity and upsetting fragile ecosystems. Once you build a road or cut down a tree, you have destroyed the visual beauty of the old growth, disrupted the life that calls it home, and lost a precious place forever. In Montana, it is an even greater loss because trees take so long to grow in the dry climate. The old growth in our nation and especially in Montana must be cherished and protected not ravaged.

Please sign this petition asking the Bitterroot National Forest and the National Forest to cease and desist all current and future projects that commercially log or build roads in Old Growth Forest.