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Stop Legitimizing Hate By Providing A Platform To Mark Krikorian

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, is being invited to speak at a Latino Law and Public Policy Conference at the Harvard Law School. 

Krikorian's extremist affiliations, bigoted comments, and questionable actions should make any respectable institution or media outlet think twice before legitimizing him as an "expert" on U.S. immigration policy. 

The policies Krikorian, advocates for are even more despicable.  Krikorian knows you can't deport 10.8 million unauthorized migrants so instead he advocates for what he calls "attrition through enforcement."  Attrition is a military term.  It means to wear down your enemy to the point of collapse.  Instead of deporting millions of people, Krikorian's solution is to make them so miserable that they leave on their own.  Krikorian wants to make conditions for unauthorized migrants in the U.S. worse than those they are fleeing from. 

Please tell the organizers of the Latino Law and Public Policy Conference that they would be better off inviting another expert to their panel on immigration policy.



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La Alianza Allison Canton
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Latino Caucus Mika Kissenkoetter
I just found out through an op-ed in the Harvard Crimson that you are inviting Mark Krikorian to your Latino Law and Public Policy Conference.

I'm sure you are already aware of Mr. Krikorian's extremist affiliations, views, and actions. I am writing to ask that you please reconsider legitimizing his viewpoints by providing him a platform at the Harvard Law School. This is not about stifling free speech, this is about taking a megaphone out of the way of hate speech.

If you will not reconsider, at least consider making your opposition to his viewpoints clear so that he cannot use the badge of having attended a Latino conference at Harvard to legitimate his viewpoints.

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