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Petitioning State Representative Louise Bishop and 12 others

Stop "Legal" Kidnapping by Child Protective Services (CPS, CYS, DHHS)

Throughout the United States, children are needlessly removed from nonoffending parents in divorce and custody cases.  If abuse is alleged during the proceedings in the Family Court system it is often ignored, and children are forced to have unsupervised visitation with abusers.  Children are repeatedly molested, threatened, and emotionally harmed while reports of abuse are treated as "custody matters", and the nonoffending parent or caregiver is treated harshly by the system.  Court-ordered mental health evaluations are used against protective parents who are going through a devastating and traumatic ordeal.  Symptoms that are a result of one's child being physically or sexually abused should not be used against nonoffending parents.  The result of these evaluations is children being placed in the custody of their abuser, or placed in foster care because the protective parent attempted to stop the abuse.

Children and Youth agencies (Child Protective Services) have immunity from liability when these decisions harm children and families.  Protective parents are financially drained by repeated litigation, which sometimes go on for years.  State legislators need to take action to stop the abuse of children and families.

Please sign this petition on behalf of all children and families affected by the unfair practices of Children and Youth agencies.


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State Representative Louise Bishop
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Pennsylvania Governor
I am asking your attention to a very serious matter that is harming children and families. Decisions made by Children and Youth agencies are affecting the well-being of children. When child abuse is alleged during custody litigation it is ignored or disregarded as an attempt to gain custody of a child. Even when physical examination of the child reveals that abuse did occur, these results are also ignored.
I am asking you as a representative of the people to take immediate action to force Children and Youth agencies to comply with the written laws. Child welfare agencies, according to enacted law, are required to report serious cases of child abuse to law enforcement and the district attorney (Multi-disciplinary teams). When CYS ignores the mandatory reporting of child abuse, they are in violation of the law, however, they have immunity from liability. As citizens we have an obligation to protect children from abuse, and we count on our state representatives to endorse the laws that provide that protection.