Request Attention from all the Decision Makers to the Petition by Sai Devotees/Pilgrims

Request Attention from all the Decision Makers to the Petition by Sai Devotees/Pilgrims

June 11, 2022
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Ex-CM, AP Respected Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by SACHIN N

The new party YSRCP MLA family of Sri Sathya Sai District, Puttaparthi has been found involved in promoting Land grabbing, suppressing facts and not letting FIRs to get lodged in the Holy place of Puttaparthi as his family members are involved in land grabbing.

There is one such incident that has gone viral openly in Public, where Sri Sathya Sai Village, Ujwalla Foundations Private Limited, Owner from Chennai, has made ties with a local broker, whom is calling as Resident Manager and this broker has sold 100 around cottages, plus Ujwalla private amenities, chopped off 26+ year old sacred/ fruit bearing trees and sold off  past owners properties, who were Pilgrims Internationally/ India without their consent and No Objection Certificate. This Owner/ Resident manager has done all this in collusion with Sub Registrar Office without having General Power of Attorney and attaching Original Owners Sale Deed.

This Crores of Rupees of scam/ fraud was brought to light by News reporters, such as Eenadu, Andhra Jyoti, Sakshi, ETV to a few; in front of public when they saw one aggrieved family who is a registered Cottage owner since almost 30 years and went to complain several times to Superintendent of Police and no action was taken; moreover, MLA's family members came to attack this Sai devotee family openly in public when they were trying to build a compound wall by seeking village people's help and singing bhajans and no FIR was lodged twice when they were attacked and mocked:

The Hindu News: Encroachment in Ujwalla Foundations 

Telugu24 News: JC Prabhakar Reddy Arrested as he vows to bring Justice in Ujwalla Foundations

Etvbharat: Janasena and CPI leaders raised concerns over Ujwala foundation land grabs in Puttaparthi

Many such incidents of Public land grabbing are now coming in-front in Puttaparthi after this family stepped up for their right. 

How will your Signature help?

  1. Force Cancellation of all the fake registrations sold between 2019-2022
  2. Superintendent of Police to lodge FIR against involved persons for attacking innocent people.
  3. Bring justice to this family/ past owners to protect their private property by means of a wall, such that they can have peace of mind and can leave back to their native place, presently stuck in Puttaparthi.
  4. Stop encroaching into pilgrims properties and cutting their electricity and water supply.

We request all the past owners/ Board of Directors of Sri Sathya Sai Village-Ujawlla, to visit Puttaparthi ASAP and take possession of their cottages/ assist in this matter via the association that was originally formed in 2002, registered in Tamil Nadu. Also, to stay away from persons mentioned above to save yourself from further fraud/ manipulations and cheating. We have all the proofs/ videos of attacks and complaints lodged by the cottage owner.

We demand that the YSRCP Government does not continue on supporting these corrupt politicians/ local bodies mentioned here. Every year hundreds of land grabbing issues are increasing in Puttaparthi, where a weak, a pilgrim is losing their hard earned homes, while they are away and basic amenities cut, such as water and electricity by these YSRCP politicians. Like this, these corrupt politicians make millions in corruption as they don't know they will be re-elected again. 

"God bless all for helping the innocent people of Puttaparthi, stuck in losing their hard earned land in a scam by Leaders! Thank you!"

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Signatures: 179Next Goal: 200
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Decision Makers

  • Respected Nara Chandra Babu Naidu GaruEx-CM, AP
  • Respected Sreedhar Reddy GaruMLA of Puttaparthi, SSS Dist.
  • Respected Nimesh Pandya jiSSS All India President