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Stop L'Oreal From Animal Testing

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This is very important because L' Oreal is killing innoccent animals everyday. Girls around the world use L'Oreal Paris's products, I bet over 50% of those girls are animal lovers. Little do they know that their favorite makeup companies are animal testing on animals all the time just so they can use their products. If you are reading this and you are someone who uses these products think about it next time you wear that product. For you to wear this you killed millions of innocent animals just so you could put on your makeup in the morning. 

L'Oreal is one of the best makeup companies for us teenagers to shop at because it is cheap and decent makeup. When I read about animal testing and saw the disturbing images I was sad, then I went through my cosmetics and thought about me buying these products. I thought that there were people out there killing animals just so I could wear my mascara every day. This isn't right people should be able to wear makeup without worrying about an animal that had to suffer for them. 

If you don't sign this petition, I want you to think why your not doing it. You have been given the oppurtunity to help stop millions of animals from suffering and dying each and every year, and you just passed it. Please sign and help save animals from being tested on in labs, when you sign it you know can safely say that you have helped contribute to stop L'Oreal Paris from animal testing, and killiing thousands of innocent animals a year. 

Help save millions of animals by signing this petition. Your signature says a lot about you as a person, helping care for animals. Tell a friend about it too, alone we can be small but together we are great. 

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