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Stop killing of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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The bear is killed - shot dead by a hunter that lives in Portugal. He will also be assessing the value of the "trophy". This has just become an international crime.

Translation of the article from the newspaper "Nezavisne novine" from Banja Luka:

December 16th 2010

ČELINAC - members of the hunting association "Fazan" from Čelinac found in the region of Lipovac a dead brown bear who was injured last weekend from the shooting stand, but managed to escape.

It is a valuable trophy, and the real value will be known only when the official assessment of the trophy is made and this is when Milonja Djukic who killed the bear returns to the village. After killing the bear he went back to Portugal where he lives and works.

The manager og the Hunters Association Sveto Đajić said that the hunting of the bear was made according to all regulations.

According to him, the beast made damage estimated at more than 5000 KM or 2500 € in recent months in several villages. It started entering the village and knock off the barn and house. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Serbian therefore gave permission for hunting of the bear, and hunters built for the occasion  a stand in which they placed carcass so they could lure the bear.

Zoran Oraščanin, game warden said that the bear was about 10 years old and weighed about 300 pounds. It was a very experienced bear, so it was not easy to hunt it down.

Hunters estimated that a better trophy will not occur for a long time in the mountains around Banja Luka.

In the mountain region of Tisovac near Čemernica  on October 3rd 1976  Bozo Djukanovic shot the 450 pounds heavy and 25 years old bear whose length from nose to tail, was 260 centimeters.


The original article



According to the info from the press agency ,SRNA's website, the text announces the commercial hunting of a brown bear, one of the rarest species in the country and the European region allegedely because of the damage the bear made on the buildings and lifestock. The bears are usually hunted from hunting stands where the animals are lured by a bait and then viciously killed. These bears are only guilty of being alive and they are more worth dead.


The text from the press agency, SRNA 


ČELINAC, 25 October (SRNA) - Members of the hunting association "Fazan" from the town of Čelinac made final preparations for the hunting of a brown bear that in the past month on several locations, made the damage estimated at about 5,000 KM, said the president of the association Sveto Đajić. 


        "In the villages Dragojevici, Dzomba and Skatavica a bear killed 13 sheep, brakeing into cottages and abandoned buildings, and recently got eep into the villages, Lipovac and Popovac where it destroyed a beehive and tried to break into a barn," Đajić added. 


        A game warden, member of the association, Zoran Orašanin states that the at the site Lipovac, where normally there are no good conditions for the habitat of brown bear, he spotted a bear with two cubs and two adult bears, one of which is a valuable trophy. 


        Based on the hunting plans, as well as damage caused to the villages, the hunting Association "Fazan" received approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska to organize capture and killing of one specimen of this rare animal. 


        Orašanin stated that on the site of Majstorovic garden, "where he observed frequent movement of bear hunting stand, a prerequisite for organizing the hunt, is prepared."


        "The law requires that a bear is hunted only from a hunting stand which means that the chase is prohibited. Hunting stand is made according to high standards, preparing a carcass that will attract the bear and we have already several interested parties of hunters who are willing to participate in this commercial hunt, which will come in handy for repairing budget of our organization, "said Orašanin.


        In the hunting society "Fazan" they are considered that there are too many bears in their hunting ground, which means that there are conditions that the competent Ministry also "sentences to death" the other bear as already suggested.




Protest letter in English


It has come to my attention that a particular brown bear is being hunted by a local group known as Fazan; this bear has been accused of killing sheep and damaging outbuildings, and I am requesting you provide immediate relief on behalf of this non-human animal so callously and brutally targeted for destruction. Although I have no evidence of either scenario, I suspect that to establish endorsement, pro-killing enthusiasts and supporters exaggerate potentially dangerous situations and exploit community fear, dispelling any measures to protect wildlife. Indeed, the human animal is deceptively clever and duplicitous in gaining support for the vicious killing of a non-human animal who is worth more dead than alive to calculating hunters.


Of utmost concern is the unethical agenda of this decision, and the goal of death by these hunters. Hunting is inherently cruel, yet this hunt is particularly savage, fundamentally cruel, and based on inequity and accommodating promoters, employing cheap baiting tactics to attract the bear, a decidedly unmerited and cruel strategy to lure this creature to his death. Although the desire to protect personal property is understandable, doing so via death and destruction by hunting aficionados reveals more of a selfish maneuver than a selfless endeavor. Indeed, manipulating the situation by labeling the bear as deadly destroys any recourse on behalf of the bear or diplomatic decisions. Furthermore, it is important that you are aware that the brown or grizzly bear, ursos arctos, is considered a threatened species in many locales, and is also listed by the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as at risk or endangered depending upon location, and that hunting them could be considered an international crime .


Therefore, I respectfully request that, based on the established brutality involved as well as the potentiality for facilitation of illegal animal commerce and trade, you please vacate any licenses provided and dispense with any further hunting operation against the one, or any other, brown bear and instead seek non-lethal interventions as necessary. Please leave your reputation free of such brutal, inequitable hunting enterprises, and do not allow economical benefits, hunting sympathizers, and distorted accusations to dominate over ethics and judicious resolutions. 


I know your time is limited, and I thank you for your attention to this urgent concern.


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