Stop kids from throwing stones and eggs at Taxis

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As a taxi licensed holder in Leeds and surrounding areas, I along with other taxi drivers in the region demand for safety of ourselves, the customers and
our cars from these kids throwing stones and eggs.

Driving has been a nightmare for us drivers as the kids are throwing stones and eggs constantly without thinking of the consequences. They
are not bothered as they or their parents are not paying for the damages of our cars and our time off work due to injuries we may receive due to this.

It is not like driving taxis is stress free or easy making money, we put our hours in and hard work to put bread and butter on the table for our families.
We pay money towards renewing our badges and vehicles licensing as well as other numerous costs such as daily filling up at stations and sky-high insurances and to add to this we now have these horrible kids who do not think of what the driver has done to buy the car they want to damage for whatever reason. They are not bothered they know us drivers can't say anything to them or even the
police, hence why they keep doing this.

This whole situation is going out of hand and causing us drivers severe stress. When it's after school time, we keep looking to see if there are kids on the road and not thinking of what's on the road ahead. This can cause a serious accidents and who will be responsible?

Why should we be so stressed and keep looking at were the kids are. Last week we had received message on the PDA saying avoid Dewsbury road if possible as kids are throwing stones, and I had two passengers in the back who were going towards Dewsbury Road. I was not thinking of the traffic lights, the pot holes on road or anything that can cause accident, all I was doing was looking at pavements while driving, is this legal? no it's not but what would you do when reading a message like this?

And on bright day, the passengers are so happy and opening windows, and keeps mentioning summer is around the corner, yes it is and we can't wait for summer as West Yorkshire hardly gets a good summer, so when we do get a nice hot day we'd like to enjoy with windows been open and get breath of fresh air, but at what cost?
Now that summer is around the corner, kids will have 6 weeks of fun time throwing stones and damaging multiple taxis, unless you the police and council tackle this issue seriously. it is not a joke, it is an issue that can cause a serious incident.

Please sign this petition to cause awareness and awake the west Yorkshire police and the council to tackle this issue and help us drivers
from these nightmares and lets work together for a safer west Yorkshire region.


Ps! I would like you all to read what happened to one of our driver to help you see the issue here and hopefully it may help you to make your mind up on whether to sign or not... driver attacked by stone-throwing gang in Halifax%26&ns_fee=0#post_58b03cf3e4b07f8d679fe657