Stop Kauanoe O Koloa! Preserve Koloa Ahupua’a

Stop Kauanoe O Koloa! Preserve Koloa Ahupua’a

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E Ola Kākou Hawai’i started this petition to Kaaina Hull County of Kaua'i and

Kahea! Help Save Kōloa! Stop the genocide of native Hawaiians. As locals struggle more than ever to find affordable housing and survive. And as the cost of living Skyrockets the County of Kauai has allowed Developer Yellow Hale LLC-Meridian Pacific Ltd. (Gary Pinkston) (Danny Ericco) to move forward with a 200 million dollar condominium project. 

Shame on the county of Kauai for allowing this outdated development planned in the 60s to move forward?! With an outdated invalid EIS, this land is also considered to be critical habitat for the Koloa Cave Spider and Amphipod, and is a native Hawaiian burial site.

This project will further worsen the housing crisis, cause irreparable environment and cultural damage, and worsen the cultural genocide happening to the local community.

Developers offered the County of Kaua’i a $5 million sweetheart deal in lieu of affordable housing. The County Of Kauai accepted the deal despite community outrage. 

Kauanoe O Koloa- 27 Acres set to have- 282 units, Lagoon pool, tennis courts and an executive 9 hole putting course. THIS IS AN OLD HAWAIIAN VILLAGE THAT MUST BE PRESERVED. Men, women and children are buried here! Old ‘auwai walls crushed by machines, heiau and ahu are being threatened with bulldozers anyday! Nene goose live here, blind wolf spider and kolana. Lot is feet away from a federal preserve! Original EIS done in 1976!

Did you know that Knudsen Trust plans to develop 110 acres in the Koloa-Poipu area? Koloa-poipu village will stretch from poipu all the way weliweli intersection in old Koloa town!

Phase 1 is ready to be sold and has already been divided into lots. Past pili Mai we have the new Kiahuna Poipu Golf Resort.

Is this what we really need in 2021?! We need homes that we can buy! That we can pass down to the next generation!

We need to teach our children about the cultural significance of this area we need to preserve the Koloa field system! Did you know that a Wa’a (Canoe) and iwi (Bones) was found wrapped in Tapa was found near in the Wainani development?

These fields supplied California gold miners with 10,000 barrels of sweet potato annually. Yet now the US soil conservation agency says that the land is too dry and air and for agricultural use! 

Keep in mind these are the same people who wanted to cut down all of the monkey pod trees across old Koloa town to build another Koloa Creekside estate!

Knudsen trust is one of the wealthiest family estates in Hawaii. They own thousands of acres of land on Kauai. And are the largest landowners on the southside of Kauai. There are many Kuleana award lands in area that are not being acknowledged! Stop the disposition of Native Hawaiian lands.

Did you know that this project was approved over 15 years ago! All the EIS reports are 15+ years old. Even worse the EIS uses survey findings done in June and July 1990. They admit to finding a “once continuous pre-contact habitation an agricultural complex on the property.” Over 75 significant sites were inventoried.

Out of the 75 we have-
-8 permanent house sites. (One of the two lava tubes found in the survey area are listed as a permanent habitation site based on their size!)
-16 ‘auwai and rock wall were identified (part of a pre-contact irrigation of system) 
-8 potential burial sites, (iwi was found at one lava tube)

Another study was done in 2004 out 33 previously documented sites 

18 of these sites were destroyed-only 15 remained. 

Obviously not enough is being done to preserve these historic sites! Community push back can help stop this!

Wainani was pitched to the county as local housing! They promised that over half of the houses would be built for local people! In this gated community like neighborhood the newest phase 1 will be next to Poipu Beach athletic club. Which is conveniently owned by the Baldwin’s. 

There are currently 20+ developments planned for the Koloa-poipu area. This will forever change the southside of Kauai. Please help us stop this desecration

 Eric a. Knudsen Trust, Koga and other companies have been cited and fined over 10k in this area. Admittedly for illegal grubbing and grading without permits. They also admit to having workers come in on the weekend and destroying cultural significant sites!

20+ Potential developments threaten Koloa Fields Fragile ecosystem! Home to some species found no where else in the world. Kaua’i Blind Cave Wolf Spider and Kolana (a cave amphipod). A very unique System found nowhere else in the world! An underground system of lava tube and caves and water. 

what are we leaving for the next generation? We have not had a local subdivision built in Poipu since 1966. Please help us stand against further desecration! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!