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Stop July 12, 2012: The Day ISPs Start Spying On Customers

If you are in the habit of downloading copyrighted media, including software, music and videos, be warned that beginning on Thursday July 12th your ISP will start spying on your activity.

Read more about the new measures that major ISPs will be participating in, beginning on July 12, 2012:

A speech from Anonymous
They are kept up only by the ones who are paying them. Without us, they would be nothing. They are our slaves, and therefore we own the internet. The internet is ours, and can not be taken away from us. The internet is a place of freedom. The internet is a place of free will. No matter what measures they put down on us, we must always attempt to protect that freedom. For without those who try to protect out freedom, those who are trying to take away our freedom will take more and more- until no freedom is left to take. They strive for power. For every inch of power they gain, an inch of freedom is taken away from us. We must not back down. We must not let them win. For if we are to back down, we lose. The internet loses. They will eventually bite more and more out of our cake of freedom. 

Now, you might be wondering: Is there anything I can do?

This will not be easy. It will take a lot of people, a bit of sacrifice, and a lot of effort to pull this off. But with enough of the three, it can be done.

Get smartphones, (most of you probably already have one) that has basic internet stuff needed for your jobs. Send your ISP letters about why you are ending your service because of this, and end your service. You can even switch to a privacy-first ISP that is not part of measure, if you would like.

If you don't feel like doing this, though, you can do the next best thing:

 - Share this petition and spread the word

 - Send letters to congress

 - Throw a stink like you did with SOPA.


Want to spread the word? Here is some copypasta to get you started: "Desperate times call for desperate measures. Help protect our internet freedom and privacy, by signing this petition and taking part:"

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