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Jimmy Kimmel must be fired

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We are taking this seriously because the same rhetoric was used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people. 

This Jimmy Kimmel's 'Kids Table' show was aired on ABC on 10/16/2013 and talked about killing all the Chinese so that the states do not need to pay back their debts to China. The video can be viewed here:

The comment "Killing all the Chinese" is NOT a joke, no matter who says it.  It is totally unacceptable. Jimmy Kimmel and the ABC network should know this "Killing all the Chinese" comment is offensive and racist.

Jimmy Kimmel and the ABC network sends a very clear bad message that it is "interesting" to kill all the people to whom you owe money. "The Kids Table - Government shut down" is publicly talking about and laughing about genocide. It is immoral, illegal and inhumane. 

A formal, public apology must be issued by ABC and Jimmy Kimmel to ALL of its viewers, not just those who are Chinese, because this is promoting hatred, racism and genocide. ABC should fire Jimmy Kimmel and anyone else responsible for letting this happen.

A policy must be institutionalized so that this kind of racist stupidity will never happen again.

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