Stop inhumane treatment of animals by Harlan County animal control officers!!!

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I am writing to voice concern over the fact that an Animal Control Officer can neglect doing his job barely spending 5 minutes"trying to capture" 3 canines while simply doing nothing but standing there staring at the canines and not even trying to calm them by talking to them, but instead he seemed to be trying to intimidate and provoke them, he then proceeded to shoot a canine that was not trying to cause him harm, leaving the canine to suffer with 3 holes in his head and face region. The dog initially ran after being shot and returned the following morning, he was out all alone and mortally wounded for almost 24 hours before he returned back to my porch where I found him suffering. How can someone who is supposed to be properly trained for his position, completely disregard any procedure he should have been following and not just be utterly heartless, but also neglectful and show no regard for another living being? The fact that charges were filed (2nd degree animal cruelty INTENTIONAL) due to their being video surveillance footage showing the incident in it's entirety and this Animal Control Officer is still working plus the case has been CLOSED, is just appalling. It seems that just because he has a certain job title he has not been forced to suffer the consequences of his actions. If he can get away with this, then what kind of message is this situation sending out to others that are no stranger to animal cruelty? Every route that I have gone seems to have been shut down like the incident wasn't that big of a deal, but it's a very big deal. He should have to suffer the consequences of his actions just like you and I would have to.

Please join me in this fight to be a voice for not just this canine, but every canine before and after him that will suffer the same fate at the hands of this Animal Control Officer as well as others.