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Stop Inhumane Long Distance Transportation of Live Animals

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Imagine you, your family and all your neighbours squeezed onto a truck that is going to take you all from Victoria, B.C. to Quebec City. You start your trip with five hours in confinement, where you wait to take a ferry. Then you drive 52 hours with no pit stops. No food, no water, no rest.

The weather is scorching and the high ammonia levels on the truck make you gasp. There is no air conditioning – nor is there heat in the middle of January when the temperatures dip well down into double digits. Along the way, some of your neighbours fall ill. Others die. Upon arrival at your destination, you’re forced to wait hours more – still with no food or water – before unloading.

In total, you’ve spent 81 hours on a truck – standing room only.

Millions of farm animals experience this kind of agony every day, and millions of them suffer and die in the process.

Horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys are transported by truck, ship, train and plane. Canadian cattle, for example, are regularly transported to Mexico by tractor trailer. Pigs are trucked to the U.S. (and the travel clock, incidentally, is set at zero again upon crossing the border).

Chickens are arguably the most abused and neglected farm animals during transport. Birds that are bred to eat constantly are suddenly deprived of food, and then shoved into crates that are stacked many rows high and deep on trailers. There, the birds can legally spend up to 36 hours on the road in addition to pre- and post-journey loading and unloading. Can you imagine - newly hatched chicks can be transported for 72 hours!

Birds can become wet often causing them to suffer a prolonged death from hypothermia even when temperatures are well above freezing. This is despite a Poultry Code of Practice which states that wet birds should never be transported. It’s not uncommon for birds to die from hypothermia and hyperthermia in different locations on the same trailer.

It’s time for a change.

The legislation related to farm animal transport in Canada is archaic and unacceptable. Rules need to be changed to bring them in line with those of the European Union. The EU requires that trucks transporting live animals longer than over 8 hours be equipped with cooling, heating and watering systems  - Canada needs to catch up.

If you are a Canadian consumer who cares about the welfare of animals raised for food, please join me and hard-working organizations like The Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals and Mercy for Animals in this fight to change animal transport regulations. Regardless of whether we’re vegans, meat eaters, or something in between, we all have a responsibility as human beings to treat farm animals humanely as they are denied many of the basic protective regulations enjoyed by our dogs and cats.

Even if you are not Canadian please feel free to sign the petition as animal welfare is a worldwide concern. Thank you!

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