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Stop Abusing Dogs in anyway shape or form or go to court or prison..

This is important everybody signs as I have had enough of seeing abused Dog's in India... Residents who pay people to sort the dogs out by abuse will be taken to court. Or go to jail for animal abuse. We will come to your homes and arrest you.. Dogs have no choice to be born humans they do... Dont have sex if you dont want children.... Fact.. Animals don't have a say in being born so you abuse them or touch then face the law and org's with legal policy's.. I am from UK and i will fight you till you have no money left and you cant even afford food and see how you like it.... U ARE WARNED..INDIA STOP NOW OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED...I am coming for you with lots of people and if we see something we dont like the police will bring a van and take you away to jail..... FACT

Your Cheryl House

Animal Welfare India

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