Petition Closed

1780 wolves were hunted and killed in the period of ten years.
There is no law that protects this species
There is uncontrolable hunting
People from neighboring countries come to Bosnia to hunt.
80 % hunters in the hunting societies have no respect of ethical norms.
Poachers use snipers, automatic rifles and mines.

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to keep the old, bad habit, which is organized mass hunt that are announced as the cultural happenings in the local media. These shameful murderous actions on all the big animals that are under protection in neighboring countries, in Bosnia and Herzegovina have become a weekend fun where perpetrators from all structures of society participate and invite guests from abroad to hunt.

During past winters, in Banja Luka, it was possible to see the horrific scene as if from some other ancient, time, wild west. This poignant scene was observed in public, because it caused horror, indignation and condemnation of many inhabitants of the city. Driving through town with a crucified wolf in the front of the off-road vehicle a "brave" hunter was showing off the latest "trophy".

Latest statistical data available show that in the period 1998-2008, 1780 wolves were hunted down in Bosnia&Herzegovina. The wolf population has decreased by 30%.

Given that the wolf is strictly protected species in EU countries and that is protected in the countries around Bosnia, we hope that B&H will soon approach a serious analysis to the state. Such an analysis would have shown that the endangered species even from afar does not threaten the man and his property in so far as to show the institutions in charge to take care of wild animal species in B&H. The wolf is one of the victims of flat and bad estimate and we hope that the responsible institutions will decide on the protection of the wolf before it is too late for this fascinating animal species.

Letter to
Federal Ministry of environment and tourism, Sarajevo Mr. Nevenko Herceg
Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of RS Mrs. Fatima Fatibegovic
Dear Ministers Herceg and Fatibegovic,

I am writing today with grave concerns regarding the rapidly declining wolf population in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the result of hunting; it is my understanding that in the past decade there has been a 30% decrease of wolves, an obviously significant decline, with almost 2000 killed. (NOA Denmark) As such, I am requesting that an immediate moratorium be enacted to prohibit wolf hunting.

Please allow me this opportunity to elaborate. Animals are inherently sentient and possess the capacity for thought and emotion, including contentment, loneliness, fear, and agony. All animals, human and non-human, experience the desire to live free from exploitation and suffering and fear the manifestation of death. Humans have adopted dangerous constructs of speciesism, the prejudicial regard of non-human species, to validate the brutality inflicted upon them. Using this manufactured status of superiority, humans have sanctioned the use of animals as commodities, regarding them only as products to benefit our goals and needs. We embrace inequity to justify our treatment of animals, yet euphemistic descriptions meant to facilitate morality cannot disguise the fundamentally unethical parameters with which we surround ourselves to distinguish our dominance. As dangerous as racism and sexism, speciesism further divides the chasm between species, which desensitizes us to cruelty and inevitably leads to human inequality and injustice.

Furthermore, it is also important to recognize the potential environmental ramifications of such a species decline; the ecology is a delicate entity whereby all elements work with and amongst each other in symbiotic manners; any one imbalance will cause negative influence throughout all species, plant and animal. It is therefore ecologically necessary that you acknowledge your contribution to this damage and adopt immediate measures discontinuing such. Although you may not consider the wolves as having essential worth, they value their own lives, and your blatant disregard not only has broad consequences outside your borders, it also has potentially criminal repercussions based on established EU protocols; you should be aware that in surrounding areas wolves are protected species.

The hunting and killing of this vulnerable group of beings is unacceptable, and the celebratory nature with which the slaughtered animals are displayed is indicative of only self-serving indulgence. Until such time when this maliciousness ceases, a concerned global community will voice censure of Bosnia and Herzegovina resulting in the sacrifice of vital tourism and commerce profits. Consequently it would be financially irresponsible and socially unethical for you to continue to be associated with the hunting of wolves. Therefore, I respectfully request that you please act in a compassionate and empathetic manner and prohibit any further hunting against them.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.